What is a Real Estate Crash Course?

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When you have scheduled your real estate exam, you will need to prepare to pass it. One of the best ways to study for the real estate state exam is with guided, focused teaching. In other words, one of the best ways to study is with a crash course. So, what is a real estate crash course?

It is an extra prep course designed to help you pass the real estate state exam. Before we dive into what to expect, let’s be clear about what it is not. This is NOT the course that qualifies you to take the real estate state exam.

How to Qualify for the Real Estate State Exam

Before you take the real estate crash course, you should know how to qualify for the real estate state exam. In California, you must complete 3 courses:

  • Real Estate Practice
  • Real Estate Principles
  • An elective of your choice

Prerequisites may vary from state to state.

There are many real estate schools to choose from, like CA Realty Training. You can take these courses live at a location, as a live webinar, or choose to take them online at your own pace. When you pass the courses, you will receive your 3 certificates of completion. You must submit these with your real estate state exam application.

The most crucial thing to remember when researching schools is accreditation. Otherwise, the Department of Real Estate will reject your certificates and your application will get denied.

How Long Should You Study for the Real Estate State Exam?

So, you’ve taken your courses, turned in your application for a license/exam, and now it’s time to prepare for the test. How long should you study for the real estate state exam?

We recommend studying for 60 to 100 hours or for 6-8 weeks. Here’s why:

The Department of Real Estate processing times can be anywhere from 6-8 weeks or more before you receive a test date. This is due to the number of applications and the wait time for your background check results.

The good news? This gives you plenty of time to study so you don’t forget everything you’ve learned!

You should use a real estate exam prep course and a real estate crash course as close to your exam date as possible. This will fortify what you have learned so you feel confident stepping into the testing room. Let’s talk more about the differences between the prep course and crash course and how they will benefit you in your exam preparation.

What is a Real Estate Exam Prep Course?

An exam prep course can help you remember everything you learned before the exam. They are multiple-choice practice tests that simulate the exams administered by the Department of Real Estate.

These practices tests have questions that cover the 7 categories of learning required by the Department of Real Estate:

  1. Contracts (approximately 12% of salesperson exam)
  2. Financing (approximately 9% of salesperson exam)
  3. Laws of Agency and Fiduciary Duties (approximately 17% of salesperson exam)
  4. Practice of Real Estate Disclosures (approximately 25% of salesperson exam)
  5. Property Ownership and Land Use Controls and Regulations (approximately 15% of salesperson exam)
  6. Property Valuation and Financial Analysis (approximately 14% of salesperson exam)
  7. Transfer of Property (approximately 8% of salesperson exam)

Click here to see the Department of Real Estate’s examination description and outline.

The bank of questions will change each time you take the exam to test your knowledge. They are as close to the state exam as possible, so you will experience an idea of what to expect come test day.

Another benefit of the exam prep practice test is how you can take them by category. This will help you test what areas you mastered and the categories you need to study.

What else is usually included with an exam prep course? Flashcards! Don’t underestimate the usefulness of flashcards. Real estate has its own language and flashcards are a great tool. Use these to keep up with the terminology to give yourself a better understanding of topics.

What is a Real Estate Crash Course?

You’re at a crucial moment right before you take the state exam. Think of the exam as your final destination. If the exam prep is the map, then the real estate crash course is the navigation of the map.

Although you are not expected to know everything, there are concepts you can be sure the exam will cover. The real estate crash course lays out a blueprint to follow so you can hyper-focus on these concepts. Crash courses are over 2-days for a full 8-hours (16-hours total) so you can immerse yourself in the material.

You can take crash courses at a location or as a live webinar over the weekend. If your schedule is not as flexible, a great alternative option is a video crash course.  

These are pre-recordings of the live sessions and cover the same material. Although they are not interactive, you can watch them on your own schedule, pause the video to take notes and watch again if needed.

The crash course will also cover topic recall tips & tricks, key terminology, and give exam-taking strategies. These are purposeful ways to build confidence and help you pass the test.

This course is your state exam playbook.

Final Thoughts on a Real Estate Crash Course

You can never be too prepared and this is key before taking the state exam. So, don’t leave anything to chance! Remember to take advantage of all the prep tools you have at your disposal. Take the exam prep course, use the flashcards, and INVEST in a crash course!

You’ll be happy you did and you will strengthen your odds of passing on the first attempt.

What are you doing to prepare for the real estate state exam? Comment below!

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