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Welcome back to our weekly CA Realty Training blog – trying to bring you some beneficial, fun, and FREE knowledge every week! This week, we are covering the question: How do you set yourself apart as a Real Estate Agent?

We are covering 4 main points that will be the determining factor when setting yourself apart from the pack as a real estate agent. There’s Branding, Marketing, Advertising, and, most importantly, Presentation!! They are all important, but we must emphasize how you, as a Real Estate Agent, should present yourself and how your presentation can impact all deals and interactions you have with your clients.

  1. Branding
  2. Keller Williams

    Branding is defined as the process of executing your image – your name, your product, and your general aesthetic should all be illuminated through your brand. For example, your brand as a Real Estate Agent relates to the brokerage you sign with, the color you associate yourself with, or the brand image that you present to your potential clients. Do you choose a small, niche brand that will deal exclusively with a select few clients? Or, do you choose a larger brand with a world-recognized logo, color scheme, and a less selective clientele? These decisions are really up to you, but something you need to consider before signing your first brokerage contract.

    Branding is important, because the logo and color scheme are often what people will remember you by, in addition to your personality. If they haven’t yet met you, it’s even more important that your brand makes a lasting impression.

  3. Marketing
  4. Marketing

    Marketing is a broad subject, but we are speaking mainly here about the free/low cost social media or word-of-mouth marketing. The goal is obviously to maximize your organic content and really promote yourself — for example, from what you do on the weekends, what you like to eat and cook, pictures of your pets… to what houses you are showing and what houses you are selling. People understand that a (good) realtor will know their way around a listing agreement and offer letter, but they also want to connect with you on a human level.

    Word-of-mouth Marketing (WOMM) is the hardest one to get right, but also the most authentic and best to convert potential clients into concrete revenue sources. When you have a truly compelling post, or a truly compelling product (yourself), people will talk and tell their friends. That’s the ideal goal from your marketing efforts!

  5. Advertising
  6. Advertising

    Advertising is expensive, but it is essential. The costs add up if you get your face in front of a lot of people — those bus bench realtor ads you see aren’t cheap! As the saying goes, there are three ways to make money: wait for it, pay for it, or go out and get it. We believe that success starts by getting your name out there, and sometimes you just have to spend money as an investment for yourself, with the intention to make more money in the future!

  7. Presentation
  8. Josh Flagg-Presentation
    Featured: Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing.

    Presentation is key. Your aesthetic says a lot about you and gives people a general impression of what you’re about. It’s all about how you present yourself to clients, and the impression you make in person.

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    Let’s say you’re taking clients to a home, and they’re either in your car or following you. If you pull up to one of the houses you’ve gathered from the MLS, and the front yard looks completely trashed, will your clients even want to see the interior? In Head Trainer Robert Rico’s case, he has had more than one client pass on a house based on the front yard impression alone. This situation holds true in the case of a real estate agent – your initial presentation really matters for how clients perceive you and your professionalism. Your look, your clothes, your hygiene… these all contribute to your “curb appeal” as an agent.

    Sometimes the conventional wisdom is to dress like a mirror image of your clients, to make them feel more at ease. It’s totally fine if your clients want to be casual – they are the ones writing the checks and they are (likely) off hours and away from work. However, you’re “on the clock” — this is your job and your income! There is a minimum level of business casual versus sloppy, and it’s very important to stay on the correct side of that distinction. It’s better to look a little over-dressed than to make a poor impression. It really can be the details and impressions you make that set the stage for how well you’ll be received.

Thanks for tuning in this week, and if you have any questions about your career as an agent, drop them in the comment box below. If you’re on our videos, don’t forget to subscribe!! See you next week here on our CA Realty Training blog!


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