Real Estate Agent and Trainer, Robert Rico, interviews our newest trainer at CA Realty Training in Santa Monica, Ashley Wrobel. Ashley has been a Real Estate agent for about 40 years and has been a Productivity Coach at Keller Williams Santa Monica for 8.5 years. Do you want to see more video blogs? Subscribe here!


If anyone knows what they’re doing in the Real Estate business, it’s Ashley!

    Robert: When did you start your career in Real Estate?

    Ashley Wrobel got her Real Estate license in 1978 in Hawaii. She goes on to tell us how she first got inspired by a lady in her community who had her Real Estate Agent license. Ashley felt attracted to becoming a Real Estate Agent mainly due to the fact that it would mean having an independent career.

    Ashley explains that prior to her decision to become a Real Estate Agent, she has been a waitress, a house-cleaner, and a cab driver. Once she received her license and sold her first property, she got a rewarding check that convinced her that this career was the right pick for her.

    Robert: What were some of the highlights you had in your career?

    A major highlight is simply the act of buying and selling, and of course the great paycheck that comes with it! Ashley first went from buying and selling shopping centers and developed land to then buying and selling residential property. Other highlights Ashley emphasizes pertaining to her career: she has never been sewed, she owns property, she has no debt, and she has a nice retirement fund. Ashely attributes all of these great benefits to working hard every single day as a Real Estate Agent.

    Robert: What were some of the highlights to helping clients achieve their dream of owning a home?

    Helping her clients achieve their dream of owning a home is what would get Ashley out of bed every day! Ashley truly loves connecting to people and helping them achieve their dreams in home buying and selling.

    Robert: What 3 tips can you give someone starting out in the Real Estate career to where they are actually thriving?

    Ashley’s 3 key tips:

    1. Focus on being of service to other people.

    2. Learn the scripts to qualify buyers and sellers so that you are focusing on real buyers and real sellers. This means- attend classes and get well trained!

    3. Be happy! As the famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius, once said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

    Robert: As a productivity coach, and based on your experiences with what you have seen, what is the biggest issue new Agents typically have?

    Ashley Wrobel explains that the biggest issue new Agents typically have is accepting that they are rookie at the start. This means that they don’t truly know everything (yet!). Ashley advises new agents to not be afraid to tell their clients that they will get back to them once they have gathered all adequate information. Ashley puts it best when she stresses, “people do not want to know what you think you know, people want to know what is true.”

Ashley Wrobel is currently training Real Estate at CA Realty Training at Keller Williams Santa Monica on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7-9pm. Click here to see her training sessions. Training sessions start at the beginning of every month. First session includes a free introductory to Real Estate.

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